I'm A Patsy - Gotta Problem With That?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What's happening to our weather?

This year has been a strange one. It's barely summer and we have had hot weather for days on end. And yet other places in the country are having tornadoes killing people, flooding, thunder and lightning storms, crops dying because of no rain and occurrences that don't usually happen all at once as they have been this year. It all seems like a bad tv disaster movie. I don't even see any sunlight outside as I keep my blinds closed all the time since I face the sun. I don't see any birds here which I miss a lot, especially my little Larry I used to feed at my condo. I do like crows and I hear them here. One sounds really close so maybe he's watching me through the closed blinds! Maybe he's hoping I'll fall out my window and he can then fly down and peck at me to see if he's strong enough to carry me away.

This morning I decided to get on with things even though it was going to be the hottest day ever here. I went to my physical therapy class with Kate, the instructor. Kate is so healthy, slim, athletic, cute and knows how to make you work. I wonder if she thinks I'm a lost cause as I can't do even the simple things. Even though I'm a simple person, it doesn't help. Maybe I'm just too simple. I did see
some improvement in one of the exercises we did today, so maybe this is helping me. If it weren't for Kate, I'd probably be flat on my back watching "The Young and The Restless" during that time period. 

I became so bored last week, I was forced to watch a few episodes of "Snapped," the tv show depicting women who either murder their husbands or are murdered by them. One woman had postpartum depression and could barely get out of bed in the morning. When she could, she'd do a few chores and then get back in bed. The story of my life! However, she killed her husband. So even though the story has some similarities to my life, I don't have postpartum depression and didn't kill my husband.  I had no company that week, so I had to entertain myself which got a little old. My little monkey also had no company and had to play with himself. Dull days!

As you can see from this picture, my little monkey finally took things into his own hands and is once again his happy little self. I am also feeling pretty good, but I think the monkey is happier.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Best Blog Ever!

The other day my friend, Diane, took me to lunch to celebrate my birthday. This was against my wishes because I've had too many birthdays already. But the thought of a free lunch did me in so I went along with it. She gave me a card that just cracked up! I laughed hysterically which I don't do every day. So the card above in this blog is the one she gave me.

It was a perfect card for me as that could be me sitting on the chair and reading what it says. That could me reading my life! I do all those things every day. I don't bark as much as I used to now that I am living among more civilized people. I do poop every day, but if I don't, I get panicky and do something about it. Once I went too far and that was not something one would write about! I tried to tell Teri about it, but she left the room while I was talking, but Cindy was with me through the entire incident. But the whole thing is me. I couldn't get over it and burst into laughter every time I read it.

So I hope the dog blog keeps it up.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I made the big move!

I sold my condo and moved into a retirement home. I wrote about this already, but not since I've been here actually trying to get myself together! Things aren't like they were at my condo which I really loved but was becoming too much for me what with having to go out for the mail, garbage, car not in a garage but parked under trees that kept dropping pitch on it. All in all, it was time for something different. And this is different! The meals are served in a lovely dining room and are delicious. But you have a certain monthly allotment which you don't want to reach as then you'll be charged for any overage. How rude! So I eat most of my meals in my room but do get a sandwich now and then in the little cafe here. I go down for dinner when there's something special like chicken fried steak. I'm probably the only person who thinks that's special! One night I had lemon meringue pie and it was just out of this world good! The other night they had it again so I went down and got the pie and brought it back to my room. I had to cut the crust with a knife and fork! Is that cruel and unusual punishment or what? Maybe it was left over from the week before. 

The people here are all very friendly and speak to me even though I think I'm the only one who wears jeans all the time. I really miss not being able to step out of my door into the fresh air and see what's going on outside. My windows face west so my blinds have to be partially closed all the time. I suppose in time I'll become used to everything here, but I still haven't found my way around the entire place.

One thing I really like here is that I'm doing physical therapy twice a week with two other women. I also work on machines to increase my arm strength - I do that every day by myself. The PT teacher is Kate who is a cute, slim young woman and obviously knows what she's doing. She's working on balance of which I'm completely devoid. She knows I have Ataxia and these exercises are very good for me. I know I'll never be all right, but if I can just keep moving and maybe put off what is eventually going to happen with me, it's worth it. I wouldn't be doing any of this if it weren't for Kate. She's so easy to talk to and knows what we all need. She has classes for many of the people and no one is physically fit. We wouldn't be here if we were physically fit. So, Kate, please don't run off with someone or find a job where the people are already in good shape. That wouldn't be nearly as much fun for you and certainly not for me.

What I miss the most here is Larry, the little sparrow I fed on my deck for almost 6 years. He was there a lot of the time, sometimes just sitting on the ledge - sort of hanging out with me as I was sitting on the couch inside watching him and he would be watching me. I left abruptly and no one is feeding him. It makes me cry to look at this picture, but I'm sure he'll get along fine. After all, he's a wild animal and must know how to forage. I just had to put one last picture of Larry on my blog. I've put many others through the years but I guess this is the end.  

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Three Mothers!

This picture was taken several years ago, but I like it. I have enjoyed my girls so much. I don't know if I was a good mother or not - sometimes I think I was on the right track, but at other times I remember things I did that were not that good. You wonder if you leave a mark on your kids that may determine what sort of adults. they will become. I just hope I left enough good marks to outnumber the times that I screwed up. 

I am so proud of Teri and Cindy. I couldn't ask for better kids. The three of us have been through a lot together - illnesses, divorces and fun things like that. But we've come out on top and managed to hold it all together. I have three grandsons of whom I am very proud. I don't get to see my family very often as none lives in my city. I wonder if that should tell me something? Oh, well, I won't worry about that. 

I wonder where I got those big glasses?

So have a wonderful Mother's Day girls, and just know that your mom loves you both a whole lot!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Leaning in or out . . . What a Dilemma

I'm sure we've all heard the opposing ideas regarding choices made by young women these days. There are those who believe women should "lean in" such as Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook executive. She thinks young women should work on their careers right from the beginning, aiming for the top. And there are those like Susan Patton who is known as the Princeton Mom after she wrote an open letter to Princeton women, suggesting they snag a good husband as fast as they can so as not to end up with an undesirable. That is what I would call "lean out" advice.

In their own way, their ideas are somewhat similar. Both believe women don't have time to fool around with trips around the world to see how other people live or just climb mountains and visit numerous rain forests. Men can spend 10 years doing just that and then settle down to a career. They can start a career and at 50 can be well established in something, even get a divorce, remarry and have more kids. Can women do that? I don't think so.

Women have to push and rush to get to the point where they may be able to lean out when needed. Some can even have day-care on site or flexible work schedules. But these are only the top executives, and these women have had to work like hell to reach that point. There are the regular workers and midlevel women who never reach that high. But women have to move quickly as their biological clocks keep ticking away. Men don't have that problem which is evident with all the male Ceos there are; however, there are more women reaching that point. I hope that keeps up and women with families get more breaks.

The above picture illustrates the "lean in" and "lean out" version of two young women who happen to be my daughters. Teri is definitely leaning in with her pretty outfit and Barbie lunch box. She's on her way to the top. Cindy is definitely leaning out and doesn't seem to give a shit about anything. 

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Cindy's having a birthday!

My younger daughter, Cindy, is having another birthday. I have always thought of her as my "little baby" with Teri, my older daughter, leading the way. But I now realize that Cindy is no longer a little baby but is a grown, competent woman. She has been for a long time, but I've seen it in the past few years. And when I moved last week, and she stayed with me for several days and just took over for me, it became apparent to me that she is a strong, very capable woman. She's been through a lot in her life, and I am so proud of how she's come out of all of it. When Teri flew  out here  (on a plane, of course) and joined Cindy getting my place together, it was a joy seeing them work together.

So, Cindy, I am so proud of you and love you so very much. I am glad that that you have never lost your crazy sense of humor and do all the things that just crack me up and make me laugh. You will always be my crazy, funny little baby!

I was going to put a picture of you showing your two teeth when you were about a year old - it's darling. But I couldn't get it on and it's almost 1AM so I'm giving up. I'll try to get help tomorrow.

I love you lots and lots, Cindy.

Monday, March 24, 2014

What I did on my Short Hiatus

I have just completed a move to a retirement center. I would call it several weeks of hell! I had to get my condo ready to move out by myself. So stumbling around with a cane because of inability to walk like an average person made things extremely difficult for me. I didn't want to fall and had many close calls. My son-in-law came out for a week and saw my new destination, and from that he laid out on paper just what would fit where. I must say his measurements were perfect. So when the day came, everything did fit in except for one book shelf which I got rid of.

Cindy, my younger daughter, came for three days before the move and slept on the floor for three nights. The next day the actual move took place and we came to my new place. Teri flew in that after noon and took over for Cindy. I could never have pulled this off without my daughters who were and are wonderful!

Mentally I wasn't ready for a retirement home, but physically I probably am. When I first walked in, I saw all these people with walkers and canes and wondered what the hell I was doing there. But then I stumbled over my own cane and settled down to reality. I can't get over the fact that so many people use canes and walkers. But that is why there are places like this. All I can think is why is this happening to me? But I am adjusting and everyone is so welcoming. They have so many activities going on all the time which I have no intention of joining. I came here to retire and watch Law & Order all day long if I want. I don't play bridge and have my own exercise bike, so I feel I've covered all the bases. I have my own car so can come and go as I please. At night they lock the outside doors and I have a special card to get in. My daughters went out one night and came home about 12:30am. They were locked out and sat on the sidewalk thinking they were going to have to call their mother to let them in! How embarrassing for them! But Cindy waved her arms around and a workman inside saw and took pity on them and  let them in.

Yesterday I was cleaning out some of my desk which I will be doing for the next 5 years, and found an envelope entitled "Crazy Things." I think I've written about this before, but I found two things I'll end with which I found very amusing. 

The first one:

   Do you know how the Amish hunt? They sneak up on a deer and build
   a barn around it.

The second one:

   A quote from Don Johnson made years ago. He says: "I think I have finally
   found someone who understands me, who knows my weaknesses and limits and 
   can really improve my life." He is speaking about the girl he planned to marry who
   was 29 years his junior. Never happened. I thought it was so funny!

So I'll just put Crazy Things back in the desk and probably use it again. Now I'm going shopping with a girlfriend for some new jeans. I don't see many jeans around here, but that's going to change right away!