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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Leaning in or out . . . What a Dilemma

I'm sure we've all heard the opposing ideas regarding choices made by young women these days. There are those who believe women should "lean in" such as Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook executive. She thinks young women should work on their careers right from the beginning, aiming for the top. And there are those like Susan Patton who is known as the Princeton Mom after she wrote an open letter to Princeton women, suggesting they snag a good husband as fast as they can so as not to end up with an undesirable. That is what I would call "lean out" advice.

In their own way, their ideas are somewhat similar. Both believe women don't have time to fool around with trips around the world to see how other people live or just climb mountains and visit numerous rain forests. Men can spend 10 years doing just that and then settle down to a career. They can start a career and at 50 can be well established in something, even get a divorce, remarry and have more kids. Can women do that? I don't think so.

Women have to push and rush to get to the point where they may be able to lean out when needed. Some can even have day-care on site or flexible work schedules. But these are only the top executives, and these women have had to work like hell to reach that point. There are the regular workers and midlevel women who never reach that high. But women have to move quickly as their biological clocks keep ticking away. Men don't have that problem which is evident with all the male Ceos there are; however, there are more women reaching that point. I hope that keeps up and women with families get more breaks.

The above picture illustrates the "lean in" and "lean out" version of two young women who happen to be my daughters. Teri is definitely leaning in with her pretty outfit and Barbie lunch box. She's on her way to the top. Cindy is definitely leaning out and doesn't seem to give a shit about anything. 

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Cindy's having a birthday!

My younger daughter, Cindy, is having another birthday. I have always thought of her as my "little baby" with Teri, my older daughter, leading the way. But I now realize that Cindy is no longer a little baby but is a grown, competent woman. She has been for a long time, but I've seen it in the past few years. And when I moved last week, and she stayed with me for several days and just took over for me, it became apparent to me that she is a strong, very capable woman. She's been through a lot in her life, and I am so proud of how she's come out of all of it. When Teri flew  out here  (on a plane, of course) and joined Cindy getting my place together, it was a joy seeing them work together.

So, Cindy, I am so proud of you and love you so very much. I am glad that that you have never lost your crazy sense of humor and do all the things that just crack me up and make me laugh. You will always be my crazy, funny little baby!

I was going to put a picture of you showing your two teeth when you were about a year old - it's darling. But I couldn't get it on and it's almost 1AM so I'm giving up. I'll try to get help tomorrow.

I love you lots and lots, Cindy.

Monday, March 24, 2014

What I did on my Short Hiatus

I have just completed a move to a retirement center. I would call it several weeks of hell! I had to get my condo ready to move out by myself. So stumbling around with a cane because of inability to walk like an average person made things extremely difficult for me. I didn't want to fall and had many close calls. My son-in-law came out for a week and saw my new destination, and from that he laid out on paper just what would fit where. I must say his measurements were perfect. So when the day came, everything did fit in except for one book shelf which I got rid of.

Cindy, my younger daughter, came for three days before the move and slept on the floor for three nights. The next day the actual move took place and we came to my new place. Teri flew in that after noon and took over for Cindy. I could never have pulled this off without my daughters who were and are wonderful!

Mentally I wasn't ready for a retirement home, but physically I probably am. When I first walked in, I saw all these people with walkers and canes and wondered what the hell I was doing there. But then I stumbled over my own cane and settled down to reality. I can't get over the fact that so many people use canes and walkers. But that is why there are places like this. All I can think is why is this happening to me? But I am adjusting and everyone is so welcoming. They have so many activities going on all the time which I have no intention of joining. I came here to retire and watch Law & Order all day long if I want. I don't play bridge and have my own exercise bike, so I feel I've covered all the bases. I have my own car so can come and go as I please. At night they lock the outside doors and I have a special card to get in. My daughters went out one night and came home about 12:30am. They were locked out and sat on the sidewalk thinking they were going to have to call their mother to let them in! How embarrassing for them! But Cindy waved her arms around and a workman inside saw and took pity on them and  let them in.

Yesterday I was cleaning out some of my desk which I will be doing for the next 5 years, and found an envelope entitled "Crazy Things." I think I've written about this before, but I found two things I'll end with which I found very amusing. 

The first one:

   Do you know how the Amish hunt? They sneak up on a deer and build
   a barn around it.

The second one:

   A quote from Don Johnson made years ago. He says: "I think I have finally
   found someone who understands me, who knows my weaknesses and limits and 
   can really improve my life." He is speaking about the girl he planned to marry who
   was 29 years his junior. Never happened. I thought it was so funny!

So I'll just put Crazy Things back in the desk and probably use it again. Now I'm going shopping with a girlfriend for some new jeans. I don't see many jeans around here, but that's going to change right away!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Picture was taken back in the eighties. Teri's cooking Thanksgiving dinner for friends and me and her sister, Cindy. I think she had just returned from a trip to Radio Shack - good thing she went when she did as they are getting rid of a bunch of stores. Guess that shows what a million dollar Super Bowl ad will do for a business.

Teri is helping me get ready for my move to a retirement center. Teri is very well organized whereas I'm the opposite. At least I feel that way. I have Ataxia which makes it very difficult to walk and also affects my hands and just about everything. I hate it but that doesn't seem to help!

Teri has been such a light in my life as is Cindy, and I consider them the best things that ever happened to me. Neither one lives close to me, and I wonder why they didn't know about extended family living. Maybe they didn't know what it meant and I should have spent more time explaining how things were in the old days. I've had so much fun with my girls and I'm sorry I don't have a gift for you this year, Teri. Of course it would be hard to match the one I made for you last year - I collected dryer lint for a couple of years and made a pillow for you which I'm sure you sleep on every night.

So have a good birthday and celebrate with Harry and Mark.

I love you more than you'll ever know.

your mom

Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Falling for Clooney" - a rooster, not George

The Happy Egg Company in Britain hired Catherine Alliott, a well-known romance novelist, to write a Chicklit romance novel for chickens. Jean Paul Michalski, a grower of free range chickens, believes playing the audiobook for the chickens when they come home to roost has a soothing effect on egg-laying hens. When they are calm, they lay more quality eggs. At least that's his idea. Alliott's voice is soft and soothing which appeals to the chickens. I don't know if they understand the content of the story, but if they lay more eggs of better quality, who cares? The chicken farmers will love it! I don't know just how the story goes as there's just one rooster, Clooney, and many hens. So the hens will all be scratching and pecking to get Clooney's attention. I still would rather listen to "What does the Fox say?" but I don't know if that would make anyone produce any eggs, but that song does make me laugh and be happy which is better than laying eggs in my case. Alliott has many animals on her farm and many chickens, so she knows what she's doing. It will be interesting to see if there becomes a glut of eggs on the market after a while.

As a little girl, we had chickens and a chicken coop on our farm. I would go out and gather the eggs sometimes from their nests in the coop. I wonder if we had had access to the Chiklit audiobook at that time, we may have had bigger and better eggs. When Teri and Cindy were young, I bought a young duck and goose and we named them Bonnie and Clyde. We kept them in the backyard, and they grew up big and mean - the goose was mean. They also ate the fish in my fish pond, so we took them to a pond somewhere else. I would like to have had chickens, but it wasn't possible where we lived.

I tried to find a picture of me holding one of our chickens when I was little, but the scrapbook of those years is falling apart so I came up with nothing. So this picture is of Teri and Cindy holding Bonnie and Clyde, our duck and goose, years ago. It looks like Cindy is choking Clyde - that could be possible. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What Does the Fox Say?

I think the fox says "Thamsanqa Jantjie," the character who did the signing for Obama at the Mandela memorial the other day. I don't think anyone could pronounce that name except possibly the foxes.

Jantjie is a schizophrenic who at times becomes violent and was actually hallucinating while he was signing. This by his own admission. He says he tried to control himself and not let on what was happening to him. He signs all over the place and no one seems able to do anything about it. He makes no sense and doesn't use facial expressions that signers use. He is a complete fraud and I can't understand how he even got into the event. They supposedly had very tight security what with many of the heads of state being in attendance. How can something like that happen? Why hasn't this joker been arrested or put someplace where he can get treatment for his schizophrenia(there isn't any) and at least not be able to get violent among people. I laughed when I saw him on TV, but it's really quite serious. I laugh just thinking about how he was waving his hands around and looking so serious! Things like that make me laugh which I need. I think the foxes could say his name - I can't say it and it took me about 15 times to type it correctly!

This picture is of Teri at her little piano. I thought she was trying to play but since nothing developed, I think she was signing! She probably could have had a great career signing for dignitaries and important people who needed it, but I don't think we gave her enough encouragement. What I mean is, we didn't know a thing about signing so just let her go on with the piano which she didn't do either. Not a shining moment for us as parents.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Air flight can be interesting and fun . . . and sometimes horrible!

I've been reading about Elan Gale, who says he's a Los Angeles TV producer. He found that his flight to Phoenix on Thanksgiving day was being delayed. Also on the plane was a middle-age woman, Diane, who was quite vocal regarding the delay. She said her family was very important to to her and they had a special recipe for stuffing and she needed to be there to help - it was crucial. Gale said she was wearing mom jeans! So they began tweeting each other and it got quite nasty. He first sent her a glass of wine saying, "Hopefully if you drink it, you won't be able to use your mouth to talk. Love Elan." And so the tweeting began. One tweet from Elan said " . . . Next time you're in a bad mood, stay home. I hate you very much. Eat my d***. Love, Elan." So Diane tweets that she will speak to the authorities about him when they land. He tweets back, "Dear Diane, When you speak to the authorities, please make sure they arrest you for cannibalism because you just ate my d***! Love, Elan."

There was more silliness that went on, but when they departed the plane, Diane walked up to him at the gate and slapped him in the face! He said he laughed and said he didn't want her detained but he did have one last tweet for her which was, "Diane, allow me to introduce myself. I am The YearOfElan. Look me up online. Read every tweet. Read every response And maybe next time you'll be nice to people who are just trying to help. PS - Eat my d***. Love, Elan." What the hell is the Year of Elan? Who is this turkey anyway?

Nice Thanksgiving story! I don't think I'll ever have Elan produce anything I want produced. He's too much of a loose cannon. And I hope Diane's stuffing got along without her. I left mine in the oven so no one even ate it!

I had a couple bad experiences in planes. One was when I was waiting to board and there was a fat guy sitting near me with horrible BO! I didn't want him getting on my plane so I kept close watch on everything going on around me. I even followed him as he meandered around. Finally I boarded and he wasn't there! Maybe it turned out he was on the "no fly" list for stinky people and they caught him at the gate.

Another time I was visiting Teri and family in New York and became sick with the flu - really sick. I fell off the toilet and Mark carried me to the bedroom. I had a high fever and they finally decided I should see a doctor at the hospital right down the street. Harry, their son, was about a year old and also sick. It was a steep street and I couldn't walk, so Teri got me in the baby stroller and pushed me down the hill. I think it was raining at the time. We were quite a sight!
I didn't get any medicine so she pushed me back up the hill. I don't know how she did it. She was wonderful. They finally got me on a plane for home and my girlfriend and husband were meeting me at the airport with a wheelchair. I was out of it on the plane and couldn't even talk - my voice was gone. But I had to go to the bathroom and managed to stagger up the aisle and open the door. When I got in I didn't do all the things you're supposed to do on strange toilet seats such as crouching over it to pee, lining seat with paper - stuff like that. I figure if you can afford a plane ticket you can afford to get rid of crabs and other contagious diseases so I didn't worry. Actually, I didn't give a shit by that time. I fell on the seat and put my head down between my knees and was probably going to sleep. All of a sudden the door banged open and I heard a man say, "Oh, I'm so sorry." I said, "I don't care." He slipped away and I stayed there for a while. I finally got back to my seat and into Portland. My friend was there with a wheelchair and they got me to the car and home. I was at the doctor's office the next day with almost pneumonia.

I think my experience was worse than Elan's. He could have been a little classier and kept his mouth shut and not been the douchebag he turned out to be.